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my approach dr david psychology

My Approach

As a therapist, I care deeply about helping my clients get "unstuck" from negative thoughts and behaviors, in order to reconnect with the things that really matter to them. I combine a compassionate, relatable approach with evidence-based practices to help young people overcome their fears and live richer, more engaged lives. I also utilize professional-grade virtual reality (VR) technology as a component of treatment, which helps my clients practice new coping skills and master their fears in immersive environments that look and feel like real-life!

Lastly, I believe that involvement of the parent/guardian is essential. Participating in therapy allows you to better understand the work being done with your child, as well as observing and engaging in skill-building that will serve them well at home and school. Parent involvement brings therapeutic change to life at a much faster rate with greater potential for success. You are truly the bridge between the home and the clinical office.

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